Dates of kite safari 2024

The number of available places is constantly decreasing. Book the trip and we will get in touch and answer all your questions.

27 April - 4 May


LUX yacht - Hermes

24 - 31 August


LUX yacht - LYRA

14 -21 September


LUX yacht - New Life

5 - 12 October


LUX yacht - SEA Story

12 - 19 October


LUX yacht - Hermes

2 - 9 November

LUX yacht - New Life


Cost of kite safari 2024

The price depends on the type of cabin. Additionally +150€ per person (port taxes, crew tips)

Yacht New Life


1 place in TWIN cabin

Yacht Hermes


1 place in TWIN cabin

Yacht LYRA

from €1350

1 place in TWIN cabin

Master Suite Cabins

from €3100

Master Suite, double bed. For 1 or 2 pax

Our schedule on the yacht.

First Day - Saturday

Arrival and transfer to the yacht:
- 1 week before the flight you should send us the copy of your passport for arranging the permissions for the yacht
- when you arrive to Hurghada airport, go through security and exit the building we meet you and deliver to the yacht
- the check-in to your cabin is 16:00 (as they are being cleaned after previous trip)
- we get to know each other on the yacht, soft drinks, coffee, snacks
- 19:00 dinner (if your flight is very late tell us)
- evening rest - music, video, table games, poker, sleep

Second Day - Sunday

Early morning ( 06:00 ) the yachts starts our trip to the first island
- sometimes the coast guard is late and that's why we have to wait in the port a bit longer (sometimes it was till 9:30AM)
- if we have a lot of beginner students we go directly to the furthest island which is much more suitable for the beginners (it takes us 4 hours)
- if we have more experienced riders we go to the nearest island (it takes 1 hour)
- 08:00 is breakfast
- after the breakfast we immediately go to the water to teach, to learn and to kite.
All other actions a written in the "Every Day" part

Every Day

06:00 - Wake up, grab your tea/coffee with snacks and lets go to the island.

06:30 - We setup kites and instructors, students and indepndent riders go to the water to have fun.

08:00 - Somebody want to eat somebody not. Anyway from 08:00 till 10:00 our motor boats can bring you to the yacht to have the breakfast.

10:00 - After 2-3 hours it is better for the students to have a rest. The instructor set up their nex students or if they are free go to kite with everybody

13:00 - Time to have the lunch. From 13-00 till 14-30 everybody can come and eat marvelous food cooked by our professional cook on the yacht. Fresh juices of course included

14:30 TILL 19:00 - After the lunch you can go to our professional massage man or chill on yacht in the sunbed or under aircon in you room or go for kiting again. The wind is stable. Instructors and students go for the lessons again

19:30 - Nice food, dinner, wine, chill out

20:00 - Theoretical lesson for the students and watching the video and photo with theirs mistakes and correct everything, getting ready for tomorrow

21:30 - Music, DJ, video, table games, poker, etc. We chill out and play but remember that our next day will start at 6:00 A.M. as well :-). Joke. You decide about how early you are ready to have lessons and fun..


We kite till 15-00 and after 15-00 we start our way to the port Hurghada.

We spend the last night on the yacht.


We wake up, have our breakfast and then take the transfer to the airport.

Everybody is happy because of such trip but sad because of time to go home.

What else we provide to have fun.

SUP boards (free)

We have SUP boards with paddles onboard so any time you can take it and ahd make a nice paddle walk in the Red Sea.

Wing lessons

Quite often you ask us if we have wing equipment. Yes we do have it and our instructors will be happy to teach you when you decide

Snorkling (free)

Masks, fins and snorkels and wetsuits are waiting for you on our yacht to go to the Red Sea,  the most beatiful underwater life in the world


At night when you can always catch something tasty in the sea than and ask our chief to cook it. Calamari and fish are waiting for you

Diving (including PADI certification)

We have Dive INSTRUCTOR not Dive Master. It means you can get your PADI dive lisense after course

Beach volleybal (free)

Poles, net, ball and 4 players - that's all you need for the beach volleyball. We can play just for fun or have volleyball lessons.


If we are not sure that the service are on the highest level - we don't hire such employee. Massagists we have - is the best!

Wakeboarding (free)

Zodiacs (motor boats), twin tip and hydrofoil boards are ready to help you to spend your time riding in the sea and learn new moves

Starlink Internet kite safari

If you need good Internet, we have the best one - Starlink satellite. There is no any other ways to have something better.

Kitchen on the yacht

Kitchen on the yacht

We are terribly picky about the food on the yacht. 


Those who work for us are checked by us. If you are a vegan/vegetarian or have any other special diet, please let us know in advance. If you want to cook something yourself - great, in a big company - no problem :).

We also buy fresh fruits and fresh fish to the yacht to increase the amount of the healthy food and drinks on the yacht.

Table games

Evening and night - table games.

Table games on the kite safari
Dinner on the island

Dinner on the island

Usually, we organize 1 dinner and a party on the island. The rest of the time, parties take place on a yacht. If desired, everything can be changed.

Party on the island

It is really nice to gather with kieboarders not our yacht only but also to meet people from other yachts, countries, etc.

DJ, Music, Video, Light - we have everything.

Party on the island
Yoga on the yacht kite safari

What to do else

In the morning - Yoga, in the afternon - Kiting, in the afternoon - Volleyball.

OleKite Team

We have professional and very friendly team of kite instructors IKO, dive instructors PADI, massagist. We are the real kite family.


Big boss Diesel




Kite instructor



Kite instructor



Head instructor



Kite instructor



Kite instructor



Dive instructor PADI




Kite Safari

Everything you want to ask us

It's quite simple.
1. First - fill out registration form. We contact you and clarify all the nuances and the final full cost.
2. You pay us (by card or transfer) at least 50% of the kite safari cost.
3. All kite safari is booked.

If you cancel the kite safari more than 45 days before the start of the kite safari - we will refund 50% of your prepayment, if less than 45 days - the payment burns out.

In case of force majeure, the prepayment may be transferred to kite safaris conducted by us in the future.

Full payment for the kite safari is made at your convenience, but no later than on the first day of the kite safari in Egypt.

- Well, of course, the most important thing is a great mood.
- in the period of November-April it is better to take a long wetsuit 3-4mm, September, October, May - short wetsuit 2-3mm, summer - no wetsuit needed
- lycra will also help you ride and not burn (you can put it on under the short wetsuit to save your arms)
- if you are the student or walk with the kite a lot - water shoes "musthave" (better diving or simple coral shoes)
- sunscreen and glasses, the sun shines very brightly
- sports medical insurance, while it is very important that the risks include active sports (windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing)

Yes. It turns out it is right at the airport, it costs $ 25. Everything is easy and fast - buy a stamp, stick it in your passport and that's it :-)


Kite safaris 

Who we are

Professional company managing kite center and safari.

For more than 18 years we manage our kite center. In one season usually we have more than 19 instructors, 3 admins, 2 cooks, 3 beachboys, diver  and kite dog Diesel (The main our Boss). 

Our the first and main goal - to make our guests and students happy. To teach them not only how to ride on the board but how to ride, resolve problems on the water, be always safe and be able to help everybody. 

Our guests are happy = we are happy.


Our mission

To organize professional and safe process of teaching and kiting in marvelous places reached on the kite safari.

We are organizing kite trips allover the world (Madagascar, Peru, The Grenadines, Barbados, Vietnam, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venesuela, etc.) and we truly know that kite safari in Egypt is the most easy, comfortable and cheap adventure of such sport trip when you have everything in one place with nice quality of the service.

10 000+


We are official IKO kite instructors, we have Assistant Trainer and our center is Affiliated IKO Kite Center.


Years of Experience

Our first windsurfing and kite center was open in 2006 year